The One Scary Issue that Every Lyft Driver should know.

Lyft drivers have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to being a Lyft driver. Sometimes we put ourselves in a situation or external issues put us in the wrong place at the wrong time.
That scary issue that every Lyft driver should know is called “Sexual Harrassment”

Yes sexual harassment can totally mess up your side hustle if you are blamed for harassment. These days you have to be very careful because those two words carry a lot of weight! 

Those two words can destroy a persons life. You could lose your job, lose your relationship with your spouse or loved one and carry that stigma in your records for a long time. 

It can even prevent you from gaining employment! 

The thing is that sexual harassment is a double edged sword. By that I mean it can strike those that are actually doing the harassment which is good but it can also affect those who have falsely been blamed for it.

Sexual Harassment is hard to pin down and can be used practically on every situation you will come across. You may say something casually without thinking and can be misconstrued as something else.

Sure you can fight it but in the end especially if your a man but in the end you will lose. 

The only way to escape this is for you to be more professional while being a Lyft driver. Don’t chat up a personal conversation with a client especially if the client is a Woman. 

You can watch the video of me talking about this in You Tube

Be respectful and professional with your clients always!

Don’t throw away all you have worked for because you can’t keep your Dick from talking.

Here’s a phrase you can you to remind yourself. Dick be talking and soon Dick will be walking! In other words run your mouth and your basically out.

My fellow Lyft drivers, do not put yourself in that predicament. It’s not worth the time and pain. Instead shut up and drive!

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