About GetnLYFT



Hello! My name is Jose and this blog is dedicated to Lyft and the Ride Sharing community.

Ride Sharing has become really popular since it’s inception a few years back when Uber came on the scene. Now more and more people have been getting in the action and are either driving or are using the service to get around town.

Not only that but if you join and become a driver you can actually make some money whether full time or part time.

With no over head or learning curve to go through you will make very little mistake on your way to becoming a Lyft Rockstar Driver.

You are probably wondering why I’m so psyched when I wrote this because I’m also a Lyft driver! Yes! I have been doing it for about three weeks now as a side hustle to my day job as an IT Guy.

Why? It’s simple really, these days having one income is not enough to survive. So as society is becoming more and more expensive and chaotic it makes sense to build alternate streams of income.

This should not be viewed as an after thought but more like reality!

So if you need to make some dough just to stay in the black then why not become a Lyft driver?

It’s easy to join as all you will need to do is click on this link:

Become a Lyft Driver
After you do that it will take you to my Lyft page where you sign up and begin the process of become a Prestigious Lyft Driver!

I hope you will join as we got lots of room for you as well as a lot of money to be made!

If you have questions please comment below and I will do my best to answer them as quickly as I can!

See you on the road my friend!