Is the Lyft Subscription Service Going to Kill the Lyft Driver? My Opinion

Last night while reading the news I came across a bewildering post about how Lyft is starting to plan out their own Subscription service that will have the Lyft Rider pay a monthly fee for a specific amount of Rides. It’s kind of buying a monthly train ticket that people use to go to and from work. These Subscription last rates are from. $199.00 to about $399.00.
The $199.00 monthly pass will give you access to about 30 rides for the month and the $399.00 pass will most likely give you about 60 rides a month. This is what I was able to get from the articles written about it as I tried to get more information about it. It looks like as of now it will be allowed to use the Lyft Subscription service by “invite” only.  Lyft is basically following the path that Uber is taking as they start to experiment with Driverless cars.
Their feeling behind it is that they want to provide constant Rideshare services to their clients. Being that now Lyft has to depend on Human drivers for their service to work and being that Humans tend to get fatigue among other things Driverless cars is a better idea for Lyft. They won’t also have to pay drivers fees for providing Lyft services which means more money in their pockets.
What does that mean for us Lyft Drivers?
I guess the Lyft driver will be slowly pushed out and emphasis will be given to the Driverless car. It does not surprise me that this was the way they were going. In the end it’s about profit and nothing else. They want to keep all the money rather than sharing it with their Drivers. It sucks! Many drivers will be forced out so now it’s time for you to prepare the upcoming drastic change.
It’s still early to tell as they are in their testing phases but in the end they will push us out and keep themselves making money. We as Lyft or even Uber Drivers are now learning the truth! That we will be exchanged for a robot that can work all day and night. I never thought ride sharing as a business but more as a side hustle where you can make some quick cash when needed but now they are probably going to change the game.
Sometimes working for and using platforms like Lyft, Uber, Amazon FBA, EBAY and many others can one day push people out of their platforms just because! That is why it is better to work for ones self and not depend on others to do all the work for you.
I continued to look for more about the Lyft Subscription service but what I spoke about above is all that I could find.
This will leave us with a few questions:
1. How will this affect Lyft Drivers?
2. Are Driver less cars going to get all the fares?
3. Will it be worth it to drive for Lyft once the Subscriptions are up and running?
In the end change is coming and we all are going to make a choice either stay or go! Its suck but that is the way the world works. Still we should keep our ears to the ground and see what is going to happen. Maybe it could be to the Lyft Drivers benefit and we could make money or not!

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