Getnlyft: No Shows No Worries

Yesterday while driving and picking up Lyft riders I got a call to pick up. So when I tapped the circle and waited for Waze to pop up I started on my way. It seemed like a quick pickup with 2 stops along the route. It was my last ride of the evening so I figured it should be quick.
In a few minutes I got to the place and hit the “confirm” button to let the Lyft passenger know I’m outside waiting. Now during this time the passenger is given a few minutes to show up or Lyft will cancel the ride. Waiting and watching the minutes go by I called the passenger. Her phone rang and rang, the Voice Mail came on and left a message. I waited until the clock rang out and cancelled the ride.
I was a bit upset because I drove over to them and probably missing other opportunities only to find out that it was bullshit.
I called it a day after that and went home. After I got home I ate and relaxed. Grabbed my phone and noticed I got an extra 5 dollars! I was wondering why I got 5 dollars in my Lyft account. I went ahead and checked my Rides  and noticed that I was given 5 dollars for the “no show” driver.
So apparently whenever a user is a no show Lyft will charge the rider 5 dollars which will go to the driver for his time wasted.
I think it’s fair that Lyft does that for its drivers. It shows that they care enough to give you something for your time wasted. This is way better than Uber! 5 bucks is not a lot but a few of these can add up quickly if you drive for Lyft all day. I enjoy driving for Lyft more and more each day.
So if you have some “no shows”! Not to worry as you will still get your money regardless! I think that is fair trade. If I’m not mistaken I think Lyft also charges riders for rides they cancel while you driving to their pickup spot. If I’m not mistaken it’s 10 dollars I’m not sure though but if you do please comment below and let me know.
Check it out!
If you are looking for a perfect side hustle then look no further than Lyft. Forget Uber Lyft is where the friendly drivers are at!  Can you tell the difference a Uber Driver from a Lyft Driver? It’s possible and I will tell you! The secret is the Lyft driver is the one smiling while the Uber driver has an angry smirk on his face. 

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