Getnlyft: How Using Lyft’s Scheduled Pickups Can Make You Money!

The other day while waiting for a client to call a window popped up at the bottom of the Lyft App called “Scheduled Pickup” when I clicked on it I saw that the client wanted to be picked up at a certain time and be taken to where they need to be.
Then Lyft gives you a estimated amount and it was $30.00! I figured what the heck and grabbed it.
What are Scheduled Pickups?
Schedule Pickups are when a Client sets up a Lyft call to be picked up at a certain time and place. Once you decide to take the Scheduled Pick up that ride is yours and no one else’s. The only way it will become available again is if you cancel the pickup.
Most of the time Lyft Scheduled Pickups tend to be for long distances in which many Lyft drivers don’t want to drive for whatever reason. My advice when you driving for Lyft use the Scheduled Pickups as much as you can.
Where your Scheduled Pick Up goes in Lyft?
Once you have decided to take the ride it will move to the Schedule Drives section of the Lyft Drivers App. Here is what you need to do:
  1. Tap on your face in the Lyft Drivers App
  2. A small Menu will pop up you will need to scroll down until you see the box called Scheduled Rides and tap it
  3. After that is done it will take you to the Scheduled Rides window.
  4. On the top you will see a toggle switch which will show you available Schedule Pickups and the Schedule Pickup you already have
How does Lyft let me know when I have to pick the client up for his or her trip?
Usually Lyft will send you a text at least several minutes before you pick up the client. Lyft reminds you while you are accepting the Scheduled Ride that you have to be 30 minutes before the ride is supposed to start. Lyft will not provide you with the address until it’s time to pick up the client.
At exactly 5:30 I clicked on my Lyft Drivers App and the Client quickly showed up on my Lyft App screen. It took me two minutes to find the place because I was already there waiting several minutes before. Which I will explain now!
How to figure out where the client lives when doing a Scheduled Pickup?
This is a little trick I figured out today! Damn! Lyft teaches you a lot! I was able to look at where more or less the Client wants to pick up. Yok can see that when you go to your Scheduled Runs Section on your App. When you do that just look at where the starting point is and look at the street name.
Type in the name of the street into your Waze App and it will take you to where you need to go. It’s easier and slashes Client wait times considerably!
The trick is always be two steps ahead and be ready. Make Clients wait too long and they will drop you like a hot rock! Don’t be slow! Show up a few minutes in advanced and the client will appreciate you very much.
I just started doing this today and the money was enough to reach my goal for the day. It’s safe to say that I will be using Scheduled Pickups more often now that I know how much I can make by doing that.
Scheduled Rides tend to be long Rides.
Yes, my fellow Lyft Driver these Scheduled Runs are long runs and are never a short run. So when you choose a Scheduled Rides make sure that you realize that it will be a very long ride in order to get that 20 or 30 dollar ride.
As a Hustler and Lyft Driver sacrifices need to be made now so that in the long run it’s smooth sailing!
In conclusion if you are a newbie or a seasoned Lyft Driver Veteran it makes sense to grab a Scheduled Rides whenever they come up on your screen!
By the way if you want to join or become a Lyft Driver “Click Here” and find out what you need and earn $500.00!

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