Getnlyft: Dealing With Military Security When Your Client Lives On Base

A few days ago while waiting near a mall for my next pickup a got that familiar ping! I pressed it and began my journey. I drove to where the clients were in the Mall and waited.
They quickly came out and got in my car. They told me they were heading to the local Army base not far from where we were. So I went put the car in gear and off we went. I was a bit nervous as I know I was not going to just waltz into the base without being stopped. But I put that in the back of my mind and decided to figure it out when we get there.
While driving the young men began talking to me and we had a very friendly conversation. I usually start talking first only because I like to talk and people will tend to remember you when you do that.
After a few minutes we got to the base. I was told to go to a certain check point since I was not in the military. I pulled up to a covered area and the MP (Military Police) asked for my paperwork and to open all the doors trunks and hood. He checked my paperwork and everything. The MP searched my car while i stood on the side with my clients.
I can’t blame them for having tight security these days you can never be to careful.
After several minutes he asked me for my insurance card. I looked for it in my car’s glove compartment but then remembered that I never put it back the day I took it out to make a copy of it.
I felt like an idiot!
I was not prepared for that! The MP even asked me if I had the copy online which I did but since the area had some bad reception I could access it. In the end I did not complete my stop and instead had to cut it short. The young soldiers were cool with it as they knew what was up.
The next time I have to take another Soldier this is what I will need to have on me.
Needed Documents before Security Check.
  1. Have your Drivers License up to date
  2. Have your Registration ready and up to date 
  3. Also make SURE you have your Insurance Card.
Without any of the Documents above on your persons you will not be granted entry into the base. Hence you will lose some money!
Another thing to be ready for is that they will search your car! 
Also follow their directions and let them do their job.
Yes they will! So please do not have any illegal contrabands like a Gun or Drugs. Because if they find it you will get yourself in some serious trouble!
Now that you know this you can be a bit more confident when this situation rises.
See you out there!!

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