Getnlyft: Little Critters Can Sometimes Hitch on for a Ride

Today I went to pick up a client from the local mall. I had my windows open enjoying the warm weather that finally came. Although the winds were still blowing it was hot just not humid.
I finally picked up the client and we were on our way when all of the sudden the Client told me that there was a Wasp in the Car!
A what! I told myself and I quickly pulled over. The Client got out of the back seat and waited outside while I went in to get that Wasp out of my car. It was a bit embarrassing but we were able to get the Wasp out of the car and proceed on our way!
I tell you something funny always happens when you drive Lyft!
I apologized to the Client about what happened.
I quickly figured out how the Wasp got in and it was probably when I was parked in the Parking Lot waiting for a call. I usually park and leave the car off while my Lyft app is on waiting for a client with my windows open to allow the cool breeze to come in.
I figured it’s a good idea to keep the rear windows closed and the front windows open until you get a call.
Are you looking for a side hustle?
Why not drive for Lyft?

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