Getnlyft: Learn to Use the Lyft App

As people we tend to follow what’s new these days. We crowd around that new trend and hop on it the minute people see it and see others with it.
The problem happens all the time. People with equipment like Smartphones and have no idea on how to use it. Which brings me to why I wrote this article today.
You see I started a side hustle a few days ago. So I thought what would be a good side hustle to do that is quick and easy? I did not have to think for too long as I quickly decided that I should be a Lyft driver and earn some quick cash! Since Lyft is a service type business I can generate money quickly! (Thanks Glendon Cameron!)
Lyft requires no money whatsoever just a Smartphone and a car preferrably a 4 door sedan type. Any way I decided that this could be a good way to make some money so I downloaded the Lyft Drivers App. I was a bit excited because I finally found a way to make some money. After I downloaded the App I went outside and hoped in my car.
I turned on the Lyft Driver App and off I went! My first stop was at the Mall only because there are lots of people there so some is bound to pick you. My phone pinged and I pressed the button not knowing what I was doing I basically fucked it up not just once but three times. I ended up canceling a ride by mistake and ended up giving two free rides.
Yeah laugh all you want!
Sometimes learning something new requires a person to fail from time to time. I was totally confused on how to use the Lyft Driver App!
That night I was home on the Internet looking to see if there was some simulation of the Lyft Driver App. After a few minutes of searching I found what I was looking for. I found a video in YouTube which explained how and where the Lyft Driver App Simulation is located. Once I found that I went ahead and practiced that night on how the Lyft Driver App work.
After a while I became very good at it. I practiced and practiced until after a few hours I got better.
So later on today I got my first ride!
My Lyft App pinged and I quickly calmed myself. And tapped on the persons face on the Lyft app and waited for my Waze to come up. It took a few seconds but I stayed put until my Waze connected and then communicated with Lyft.
Once it communicated with Lyft and brought up the map I was good to go!
I started doing this after a spent a few hours practicing with the Lyft App Simulation which is located on the Lyft App. I did not know about this until I came across a YouTube video about it. After I watched it I began to use it immediately!
It did help me understand how it works and how you need to be patient and read! Because it’s very easy to make a mistake if you are not careful. This has happened to me a few times in which I had pressed the wrong button and it cost me in that I drive the passenger anyway for free!
This is why it’s very important to learn the mechanics of the Drivers Lyft App.
The simulation is on the Lyft App if you click on your head picture. When you do that a menu will pop up on the left hand side of the App. Then tap on HELP then tap on RIDE WALK THROUGH. From here your screen will turn into a simulation.
The simulator is there to teach new Lyft Drivers on how to use the Lyft Driver App. Just follow the instructions and you will do fine!
Also if you are thinking about becoming a Lyft Driver and make your own money then here is a referral Code for you! Fill it out and add the legal documents and once they approve it you can start making money right away!
See you on the road!

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