GetnLyft: How to Conquer your Fear when you decide to change your life!

I’m sure like me you watch on YouTube how these people who come from nothing go out and become something. They speak on it and we listen and tell ourselves that we can do this! We can become great like these people can.
Then you decide to do it and are excited but at the last minute you decide to stop. You start to talk yourself out of it. Your mind starts to look for excuses on why you should not do this. Pictures of negativity bounce in your head about everything. And by the time it’s said and done you have completely destroyed your opportunity to change your life.
How do I know this? Because it has happened to me!
Lyft and Uber are really great opportunities to make some money or have a side hustle going but for some reason “Fear” always tends to jump in and tell you that this is not for you. You quickly believe it and give up without even trying it to see if it was a good idea.
We have been so conditioned to follow the path everyone follows that changing paths can make for a very uncomfortable time. Like many people we just give up and get going on the rat race that we have been conditioned to follow.
But how do we get rid of the fear of starting a new path? How did those other people get over their fear and keep going? I think “Fear” has always been there for them it’s just that one day they saw themselves and decided to change! You can’t never get rid of fear but you can ignore it and manage it.
That right there is the trick! Pushing forward and not listening to your mind. Drag it with you kicking and fighting. After a while it will give up fighting and follow you.
I think the inability to control and or ignore fear is the reason why many people do not pursue what they really want to do with their lives. Instead they stay living their lives much like everyone else.
I know for me this was the case. Until I decided to push fear aside and continue forward. I tend to keep my mind busy by creating goals on how many people I can pick up and how much I need to make before I go home for the day. This tends to keep fear at bay since you are concentrating on something else.
So if you are thinking on becoming a Lyft Driver then go ahead and do it! A little side hustle never hurts and that extra money can come in pretty handy when you need it.
See you in the road!
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