Lyft: I Really Hate To Sweat!

This weekend I spent my hours on Saturday  and Sunday and some of today moving.

Yes I was moving to another place, bigger place so that we can have room to move around and have some privacy when need be. 

I live in Virginia where the summers are fucking humid as hell, even though we are near the ocean there is no breeze what so ever. While I moved our stuff from our apartment to my SUV then drive it to our new apartment I was drenched in sweat!

All day I was covered in that sticky liquid. Having the hot Virginia Summer Sun beaming down on me and with no shade in sight. I just sweat!

Through my shirt

Through my shorts

Even my underwear was covered in sweat!

As I moved I felt my skin burn as the sweat rubbed my skin together causing it to enflame with anger!

 Yet I still worked feverishly!

Up the stairs! Down the stairs!

As the sweat trickled from my head and finding the path to where my eyes are. At the most inappropriate moment when both my hands were in dire need of holding tight  while we moved the most heaviest what seems like the most heaviest sofa bed in the world! My eyes were being burned by my sweat.

Why when they design buildings they never seem to make the door way wide enough to get a couch through?

Could it be that the Architect was in on a joke? 

And why don’t furniture manufacturers make furniture that fits through a door way and that does not way a ton!

All that training in Design School and they still don’t get it!

I love IKEA!

I have a new found respect for movers right now! To be able to do this job Day in and day out will probably drive me to Suicide!

Bless you Movers out there! You are providing a stupendous service!

As I sit here my back aches, my arms and joints hurt and my knees and feet makes me realize how much out of shape I’m in!

My Wife (god bless her) did her part! That woman woke up at 5am today and did not stop until 10:00pm!

 She’s a machine!

She took all of our stuff out of the boxes and put it in their places as well as cook, clean, do laundry! 

Come to think of it, why am i complaining!

Still that sweat! I hate sweat! Why do we even sweat! How do animals out there able to handle this God awful humidity?

The sun does not let up! I sweat from places i thought I could not sweat. Places like the insides of my Ears and shit!

The more I wiped my sweat the more sweat came down. I felt like falling on the floor and passing out. 

It was hell! I hope we don’t move anywhere any time soon. 

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